The Pupil Saveetha Eco School says “Safety is a way of life”

Community concern and awareness being a key motivator for ‘The Pupil’, the middle school students took an active interest in participating in various activities surrounding the ‘National Safety Week’ being observed nation-wide the week beginning 4th March 2018, through poster making competition and road plays.

The highlight of the week was a series of Mime Shows, showcasing the various ways in which public safety is compromised and how it can be safeguarded, with a little bit of thought and planning. On 7th & 8th March, this event was parodied at the gates of The Pupil and Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, much to the interest of University students, faculty and passers-by, in a most effective manner.

Be it Women Safety, Child Safety, Road Safety or even Drunken driving, the entire spectrum of safety issues was focused upon by the school children,whose realistic portrayal and vision had those who had gathered in thrall and cheering. Kudos to the young minds and their mature thinking !