Knowledge on Indic Thoughts by Dr S.Jayachandran

Embracing indigenous Art and Cultural wealth - Indic contribution

The students of The Pupil were indeed honored to be treated to a Guest Lecture from Dr S. Jayachandran ,a research scholar and faculty at the IIIT, Hyderabad on 6th April 2018, on wide-ranging topics such as interpretation of a successful education, preparation for life and how best modern-day students could surmount the stress and turmoil life challenges them with. With his simple formula of appreciation of the aesthetics in the abstract, understanding of our cultural ethos and its contribution to progressive growth and evolution of dance forms, Shri Jayachandran’s presentation made the students sit back and reevaluate contemporary thinking, in the backdrop of what our rural culture stands for and what it could teach the best of academicians of the day.