22nd November, 2017 - Workshop on Advertisement

The enthusiastic Pupilites of classes IV and V had an opportunity to interact with Mr. Anand, Creative Director of Happy Brand Consulting. The session focused on marketing research techniques and advertisements. Mr. Anand introduced the students to the 4 C’s of market research – Client, Competitor, Customer and Creativity.

He engaged the students with an activity where they selected the product and then gave it an identity; they designed a logo and a tag line. This activity saw many of the students at their best which left the Speaker in awe.  He showed videos of advertisements of yester years and made the crowd feel nostalgic. The advertisements designed by him and his team were also shown which left the gathering mesmerized.

In the end he also gave his valuable feedback to the students and the teachers that we need to frame ‘a good question’ using filters to find the relevancy. In short the session was not only a knowledgeable one but also was full of fun and laughter. 

advertisement 22 nov